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Montgomery AL Local Business Spotlight – Eastside Grille

Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Montgomery AL Local Business Spotlight – Eastside Grille


Normally I write about homes for sale in Prattville AL.  But recently some friends and I found ourselves hungry on a Friday evening, and, being already in Montgomery, we decided to head over to Eastside Grille for dinner.  Eastside Grille is located at 6667 Atlanta Highway, at the intersection of Atlanta Highway and McLemore Road (map below).


steaks grillingEastside Grille is known for their “meat and three” lunches throughout the week: one meat and three vegetables – tasty, filling, and very reasonably priced. But this was dinner time on a Friday evening, and I was thinking about steak. I couldn’t resist the siren call of the cow, it being a Friday night, being out with friends, and wanting to have a good meal and a good time.  We couldn’t have had a better experience.


This particular Friday evening was a little cooler than normal, a little breezy, and a little cloudy.  Just perfect weather for sitting outside on the patio.  It has been horrendously hot this summer, with day after day after day of 95+ degree heat.  Mix that in with high humidity, and you’ve got a sauna waiting for you every time you set foot outside.  It just takes your breath away and turns every social gathering into an endurance contest, all the while feeling like you’re trying to breathe under water.  But this particular evening was different.  There were thunderstorms in the distance, and although we didn’t get any rain (the storms were moving away from us), we did get the benefit of cooling breezes blowing in off the storms.


The patio at Eastside Grille is exactly that.  A fenced in large patio with a small tiki-type bar at one end and a small stage at the other end where they have live music at night on Wednesdays through Saturdays during the warmer months.  The fence is decorated with rope lights, giving the place a festive look.  There’s nothing stuffy about Eastside Grille.  The seating is fluid.  Waitstaff moved tables around to accommodate groups of all sizes.  While we were there, there were couples, small groups of friends, and a couple of larger family groups with small children.  Everyone enjoyed both the music and the food.


The food.  Oh, the food.  Remember that siren call of the cow I mentioned earlier?  Well, I answered it and ordered a Black Jack Sirloin, an 8 oz. sirloin steak cooked to order (medium for me) along with a choice of two sides.  I chose the baked potato and house salad.  The house salad was a lot larger than I was expecting – I like a good salad, and this one didn’t disappoint.  But let’s focus on the main part of the meal, though, the steak.  This steak arrived grilled exactly to order, and covered with a slice of cheese, a little hot sauce for seasoning, and grilled button mushrooms and onions piled on top.  Tender and flavorful, it was beyond delicious!


Good food, good service, good atmosphere, all enjoyed with good friends.  If you’re out on the Atlanta Highway and wondering where to go to have a good meal and a good time, give Eastside Grille a try.  I think you’ll enjoy it.


Montgomery AL Local Business Spotlight – Eastside Grille


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